Natalie Marshall
Natalie Marshall
CEO & Founder

Twice the Style enjoys the vision of its founder and CEO Natalie Marshall, a Venezuelan native, who has a passion for Eco-friendly and innovative interiors and outdoor living.

Her enthusiasm also extends to those “Do it Yourselves” that have the energy and the willingness to do the job themselves,   to those who value their time, demand fast delivery, and excellent customer service and last but not least, to those who demand Eco-friendly designs, construction, and remodeling services seeking healthier and more cost–effective homes or workplaces. All of these ideals inspire and drive the entire design consulting team here.

“…At Twice The Style, we are driven by our belief that in order to live a happy and productive life it’s important to surround ourselves with the right atmosphere. Our eco-friendly or green interiors and Landscapes are inspired by the color palette, textures, cleanliness of the air and the sense of relaxation of the Tropics. To this end we create breathable spaces that are sleek and sophisticated with a hint of tradition; they reflect the personality and dreams of its habitants, and have the ability to sustain long term integrity. As a result we turn spaces into sustainable works of art…”



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